What to Expect…

Step 1:

A consultation is arranged over the phone with the resident or their decision makers.

Step 2:

Depending on the setting, a dental professional will meet with the resident at the facility, or in the comfort of their home. A complete visual assessment will help us determine the necessary course of action. The resident, along with any involved decision maker, will be informed of potential treatment options and no treatment will begin until full consent is given.

Step 3:

The selected treatment will be carried out on the scheduled appointment day, or, if the procedure requires multiple appointments, they will be scheduled as promptly as possible with the resident or decision maker.

Step 4:

Upon completion of the treatment program, the resident will be provided with a complimentary care package containing dental accessories and contact information should future appointments for adjustments or routine check. Amanda will be available for future scheduling and post care appointments that are sometimes needed.

Before and After Pictures

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